Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm dreaming of....

..............a nice, clear, dry roads, no ice, no snow christmas. Any of you that have known me for more than ummmmm 10 minutes, know that I HATE snow. I truly wouldn't mind if it never snowed again. Since this is my first winter in the big city and farther north than I grew up, I'm not sure what to expect winter wise, but it sure isn't looking great so far. On Wednesday we got about 6 inches of snow with about 2-3 of that being dumped during morning rush hour. And then today we have 2-4 more inches, looks like about 1 1/2 out there now, but it's ontop of the ice from the melted snow yesterday. Plus, my job is in healthcare so you have to report unless the county closes the roads, oh what fun. Yeah, I know I'm a big baby, but I don't care, be prepared for pouting and whining for the next 4 months.

Oh a good note, school is over, these last few weeks of classes just about did me in. AND more importantly, only 6 months til the wedding WOOOHOOOO. I will be going dress shopping next week.

Off to go clean off a snow covered car and crawl my way into the office.

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