Friday, November 23, 2007


We've been working hard on planning the wedding. Actually have been doing a little too much wedding planning and not enough studying, but only another week and half of school left. Classes are rough still, but I have B's in both of them. But onto more fun thinks. This is where we are going to get married. It's a sweet victorian bed and breakfast. Here is the gazebo part of the covered porch where the ceremony will take place.

A better look at the gazebo. The surrounding gardens will be in bloom in June so we won't need much in the way of flowers.
This picture doesn't really do the site justice, but it's the view of the carriage house from the back porch. The reception will be held on the patio there. We'll be doing an evening wedding. That should make is cooler and the sun setting will add a nice touch.

There are still alot of things to plan, we've picked out a color scheme and have been working on flowers, reception table decor and favors. The biggest challenge right now is the DRESS!!! Oh my gosh I have no idea what I want. I'm going dress shopping in a few weeks with his mom and sisters and hopefully my maid of honor, but in February there is a store that has an annual running of the brides sale. They offer designer dresses at amazing prices, Lorri and I are planning to go to it, so unless I find an amazing dress before then, I am leaning towards not buying anything just yet.
We'll I'm off to wake up Paul we need to go do our black friday shopping :)

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