Monday, July 17, 2006

Making Pesto

Making fresh pesto with basil from my garden

First Harvest

The first veggies from my garden.

Cherry tomatoes and chives

Summer squash, thyme, and basil.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I pulled out my keyboard tonight, I had given my piano away several months ago, it had been in storage for years and I didn't have the means to move it or the place to put it. It broke my heart to give it away and I miss it so much, but for now the keyboard is good enough. It's not a full size piano keyboard, but has 4 octaves, so at least I can actually play the majority of my songs on it. So tonight I finally pulled it out, OMG I can't believe I forgot what a release playing is for me. I'm pretty rusty and need alot of practice, but really not too bad considering.

I started playing when I was 8, so wow, that's 20 years of playing piano. When I was younger I would come home from school and play for an hour or so, practice my lessons and then just play a variety of things. I would play faster and faster, totally immensed in the keys and just loose myself. If I messed up on a song or got frustrated I would play pop goes the weasel, it's like my way of erasing and clearing the board. Nothing like hearing someone go from Beethoven to pop goes the weasel in a matter of seconds. I played at church for several years, now all I really enjoy to play is the old time humns.

My mom always said she loved to hear me play, must have been true now that I think of the amount of money and time they put into my lessons. By the time I was in high school the 1/2 hour piano lessons every week weren't enough for me, so I added another lesson, finally around my junior year, there wasn't any reason for me to keep going. During college I didn't play as much, when I moved out I didn't have my piano for several years, I bought the keyboard, but it never was the same. Eventually I was able to bring the piano to my house, but that only lasted for a few months until it had to go to storage. I wish I had the space for a piano here, but I don't.

Some day, some day soon...........

The Itch

Ever had that itch, the itch that you really needed to do something and to it really soon. Well not really an itch, more like an impatient voice in the back of your head. I've head mine for over a year now and it's getting worse. Some days it's small and quiet and easy to dismiss, today it started shouting. Ok ok I know this might sound a little like a psycho person, trust me I am in complete control of my facilities (well as much as I ever was). I need to think....................

Thursday, July 06, 2006