Thursday, February 28, 2008

The trail of dirt....

So apparently one of the cats has a grudge against one of the houseplants. 3 times in the past day this poor innocent plant has been viciously attacked and ripped from its pot. And if that torture wasn't enough, it was drug around the house, chewed on, and played with. The plant has been moved into the houseplant relocation program and is trying to recover from it's trauma, but honestly it doesn't look good, it suffered from a broken stem and is looking very yellow. 3 suspects have been identified in the attack - Shiloh, Reese and Max. So far Shiloh has been cleared as she does not like to play in the dirt, we are considering checking the paws of Max and Reese for dirt. Further investigation is planned.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Meat Sale and Preparedness

Some girls buy shoes, some buy fancy clothes, me, I like to buy meat, especially meat on sale. I don't know why but I always worry we don't have enough food in the house, plus we are trying to create an emergency stockpile in case of a disaster or flu epidemic. So today I hit a great sale, pork ribs $1 a pound, $1 Amazing, shoulder steaks $2.40/lb. Now these did come in family packs, but all that means is I get to play with my seal-a-meal and divide up the meat for the freezer. The ribs will make 2 meals and the steaks I should be able to make into 3 meals (2 pieces were very large, 2 were smaller). So back to my compulsion of buying food, I decided to count out how many meals I could make out of just the food in my freezer. Without considering the potential for leftovers, I can make 16 meals from the items just in my freezer. Considering we only eat about 4 evening meals together a week, I have a month of food just in my freezer. Adding in the pasta, soup, canned goods and leftovers, we probably have 5-6 weeks of food in the kitchen alone. Now my personal long term goal is having a 6 month supply of food, but of course alot of that needs to be dry goods and canned goods. I'm not sure how much we have in the stockpile I just hand the items to Paul and he puts them away but I think we're on a good start. I really need to switch my focus to drygoods and canned goods for the stockpile and kitchen. One way we are doing that is to always have a backup ready, for example, I have a large box of Bisquick in the cupboard and another one put away in the pantry (note for us the pantry and the stockpile are two different things). We've just started this system and only have a few items so far.

How long could you survive without a trip to the grocery store? Are you prepared for the possibility of having to stay in your house for several weeks?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Let the countdown begin !!!!

3 Months and 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pose for the camera


So I tried and tried to get a picture of my Valentine's gift, but my camera just cannot pull off close up pictures of jewelry. It's absolutely beautiful a silver necklace with sapphires, Paul gave it to me to wear on our wedding day. It matches my rings and even though he hasn't seen the dress it's going to match the dress beautifully too. I love that man, not because he buys me gifts but because he is always thoughtful and caring.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just wait til I show you wait I got for Valentine's Day. I don't have time tonight to get a picture of it, but oh my it's very shiny and very pretty :)