Thursday, March 12, 2009


Rest in Peace Ernie!
My dad had to put down our family dog today, she had been declining over the last year and the vet told him today she wasn't going to get better and it was time. She's been in the family for many many years, I can't remember exactly but at least 13 or 14 years. My brother picked her out at the pound but she was always my mom's dog. It's always hard when a good dog like Ernie dies, but it just seems even harder cause it feels like we're loosing the last part we had of mom. Rest in Peace Ernie and go chase some balls.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Nothing interesting going on here. We've finally had some sunny warmish days which is a huge boost to our moods. Right now I'm watching a cute kitty cat rolling around and stretching on the floor. It's a good day to be lazy and just enjoy the day.

I got accepted into the summer program at school that allows you to do the entire sophmore year in an accelerated summer program. But we've decided to decline the offer. As nice as it would be to finish up school a year sooner it would mean giving up my job and with the economy the way it is, quitting a good paying job just doesn't make sense. It makes me sad to decline it but it's the best decision.

We've tried alot of good new recipes lately, I will try and put some of them up, some of the best ones that come to mind were crockpot lemon chicken, crockpot oregano chicken, skillet cabbage kielbasa dinner, oh and a great dinner we had was a spur of the moment grilled chicken with lemon and herbs on pita bread with falafel.

The picture above (I couldn't get it too move!) is our newest family member - Elroy. He's so cute, he wasn't hand raised so he's still very skittish about letting us touch him. But everyday he gets more comfortable, jumping around on toys and his swing. He's starting to tweet more and more and absolutely loves shredded carrots! The cats are very intrigued by the bird and are trying their best to figure out a way to get up his cage. We hung the cage from the ceiling away from any shelves the cats could climb on. They like to sit under it I guess hoping the bird will just drop out of the cage. Now the dog, he hates the bird and they have gotten into barking/squawking fights several times this week.

That's about all that's been going on, it was spring break this week for school and I took two days off to work on things. I actually did get alot acomplished, not as much as I had hoped but I had a huge wishful to do list.