Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vacation Day Continued

We stopped at the cemetary where my mom and dads parents are, this is the first road off the highway, its a gravel road which Paul swore was only big enough for 1 car, a few miles up a twisting turning hill we turned onto a smaller gravel road which only have a one lane for cars, it even has grass growing in between the tire tracks.

This is the view of the cemetary from the gate.

Paul debating about using the outhouse

A tombtone at the cemetary.

More cows and country life.

This is the tiny dairyette I worked at through highschool. We stopped and got ice cream cones.

This is the CoolSpot, it's a gas station, convenience store, restuarant in Coolville (the town I grew up in) For some reason everyone around there thinks it's the coolest place ever, I fail to see the wonders of it, but they do have a cute setup.

The other side of the gas canopy.

Me outside the store with the chainsaw carved bear.
From Coolville we went up to Parkersburg, WV to see my brother at work.

View of the Ohio River from the bridge.

My favorite part, spending time with my brother. I love this picture! I still can't believe he's so much taller than me.

It was a long day, we finally got home about 9:30pm, but it was a fun vacation day.

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