Sunday, September 09, 2007

Love a Bargain

Ohhh baby, I love getting a bargain. I've been pretty thrifty for years. In college I wouldn't buy anything that was over $2, luckily I'm not that bad anymore, but I do try to save where I can which means stocking up on items when they are on sale. Friday, one grocery store was having an awesome sale on pork, I got us a variety pack which had a huge pork roast, 6 pork chops and 4 pork ribs all for $8. Today, I found King size sheets (the nice old fashioned lace trimmed ones) marked down from $55 to $21. I also picked up some dry sauce packets for .25 each, normally these are around $1 a piece. Since they were such a good price I stocked up.

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mormonfundymom said...

I have a bargin for you....a table top bbq, brand new $1.50, bubbles (you know the kind kids blow) .09 each, and bath boats pk. 5 for .49. They were having a clear out at a pharmacy around the corner. Hope things are well with you and your family.... HUGS