Thursday, June 07, 2007


A few recaps from the past few weeks.

Container garden is going crazy. We have a ton of basil, dill and tarragon. I've got to look up ways to keep it. I know we'll be making a ton of pesto here soon. There are about 20 roma tomatoes on the one plant; the other cherry tomato plant doesn't have any tomatoes yet but alot of blooms. The pepper plant is growing by leaps and bounds, the one little pepper must grow about 1/2 inch to an inch a day. I have pictures but for some reason the camera isn't uploading them to the computer.

Went to my first quilting class, learned about color and value when making quilts. Next week start the class on maching piecing for a quilt. At the end of the class I will have completed a small quilt with 3 different styles of blocks. I can't wait to buy the fabric next week. I did conqueor the sewing machine this week. The first few times I've tried to use it I couldn't get the darn thing to thread correctly, but I had success this week, I'm going to stay optimistic and say I"ve conqueored the beast. Yesterday I finished a present for a friend, I do have pics of the but they will have to wait until the present is given.

Classes start at school in a few weeks, I am taking intro to chemistry (yikes!) and intro to anatomy and physiology. The plan is to take all the prereqs necessary to apply to OSU and Mount Carmel. We'll see what happens, right now I'm not holding my breath, though I would love to get accepted into the masters program at OSU.

And the fur children, the lovely for some reason I love fur children. Last week my wonderful dumb but sweet dog decided to pee on paul's big screen tv - directly onto the circuit board. Not fun. It ruined the TV. Somehow how Paul didn't get irate and demand the dog leave, which I was totally expecting. That night I bought Paul a new TV, it's one of those cool digital HD tvs. But now of course my credit card is maxed out. Oh well what's the point of being an american if you're not in debt, right?

Oh yeah, Paul got me the cutest little Ipod, it's black and very cool looking :)

Pictures to come soon, just gotta figure out what's wrong with the uploading.

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