Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy Busy

It's been a crazy busy few weeks. We're trying to get alot of projects done before I start school in just a few weeks. In our quest to make more items from homemade and to cut out processed foods, I tried my hand at homemade noodles today. They are brown because I used whole wheat flour.

My other project as usual for summer is my garden. This year, I planted alot of peppers and tomatoes so we can put up enough to last through the winter. Below is the picture from when we planted everything.
Here is the picture from today, not too shabby. Everything has taken off, we have lots of little green tomatoes, chili peppers and bell peppers. I am so excited to see everything doing so well. The tomatoes come up to my chest, that's about 4 feet tall!! Thank goodness Paul's mother gave us a large freezer, now I won't have to rush to can all the veggies.
My other project a few weeks ago was to redo our half bathroom. It was a boring creamy color and in desperate need of help. Here's the mostly finished product. I still need to paint the ceiling and finish the trim around the door. Let me offer one word of advice on painting a bathroom, don't do it unless you absolutely hate the color. Painting this room was a huge pain.

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