Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My first Flat

It's hard to believe but after 14 years of driving I got my first flat tire today. I've had low tires, but a little air they always came back to life, not today. This baby was flat. I had to be rescued by my knight in shining armor :) Thank goodness for cell phones and men with strong muscles :)

It could have been worse, luckily someone caught my attention at a stoplight before I got on the interstate. I did find out that the so called emergency road side service I have with my car insurance is not emergency service, it's a reimbursement system for using road side service. I suggest if you have this on "service" on your policy, double check exactly what they do. Mine is going to be canceled tomorrow and we'll be purchasing good old trusty AAA. As much traveling as I do with work I need to have a back up system to my knight.

The most amusing part of the evening (besides the 20 degree temps and purchasing a new tire) was being hit up for money by a passerby while I was waiting for Paul. I said "ummm sorry I have no cash and I've kind of got my own problem right now to handle" Gotta love the nerve of people.

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