Thursday, April 19, 2007

$300 and still lost

A few weeks ago I bought myself a toy, a PDA with a GPS system on it. It has all the bells and whistles, it will map a location, direct me when to turn, run excel spreadsheets and even check my email AND STILL GET ME LOST!!!! Today I needed to get out of the office (my co-worker is driving me up the wall) so I decided to head down to a church in an area where I really need to do some recruitment. I knew how to get to the church it was about 2 miles right off the exit so I head down, drop off my materials and just turn around and go back the way I came. I passed the exit I came in on, but it only went North and I wanted to go South to get home. I drive some more down the street which leads me to downtown Columbus, no biggie I knew I'd see the exit south soon, nope don't see anything. I turn on the GPS and it starts doing it's thing but it's telling me to turn right or turn left down streets that are one way only, so when I finally see the exit to go south I'm in the wrong lane and there is no way I can get over so the fun begins. I call Paul he tells me to keep going and I'll see the beltway exit soon, I really should have listened to him but after driving several more blocks and seeing nothing, I decide it's time to turn around, though in turning around I don't get back on the same street I was originally on and drove down some interesting looking streets. Finally I see a hospital and I see the interstate, I swear I got in the lane that said 71 South, but somehow I ended up going North on an entirely different highway. Luckily I knew where this road was, I took an exit I knew and went shopping, goodness knows I neded a break from the road!! Before I left I called Paul just to refresh my memory on how to get home after that driving trip I didn't want to mess it up again. And yes I did make it home. This is why country girls don't move to the city.

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