Thursday, December 28, 2006

Catching up

The holidays were wonderful, I think I had the best christmas I've had in a very long time. The weekend before we went up to Paul's parents house, got to visit a little bit with his sister and BIL, had a nice dinner with his parents. Later in the week, he came down to my house for dinner with my dad and his girlfriend. This was the first time I had met the girlfriend, she seems nice enough and I am happy for dad, cause he seems happy but... well it's his life not mine. Saturday, Paul and I hung out for a few hours with his friends and their kids, watching kiddies unwrap presents is hilarious. We did Christmas on Christmas eve, got up and opened presents in our pjs :) Paul was sooo sweet and had remembered me talking about christmas stockings my mom used to do and had made one up for me. He and I made sugar cookies (from scratch, those roll and bake things at the grocery are not cookies) and decorated them. Christmas Day we went our separate ways, Dad and I went up to John's house, I had a great time there. I really don't like living so far away from my brother. Got to slack on Tuesday, didn't have to work, visit anyone, go anywhere, was great. And Wednesday back to the office. Overall it was a good few weeks, I think I've just about mastered my grandmother's fudge recipe (thanks alot grandma for leaving out some key ingredients). Hope you had a great christmas too!

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