Saturday, November 04, 2006

Vacation Day 3

Day 3, October 29

Breakfast at Smokey Mountain Pancake House.

Picked up maps at the Great Smokey Mountains Welcome Center. Took an auto tour of Roaring Fork, up the mountain on a little road with lots of twists and turns. On the way down there were lots of little waterfalls and the stream ran along side the road.

Went to the Arts and Crafts community, it's off the main tourist route, back in the hills. Bought some souvenoirs and saw alot of great artisan work. Took a wrong turn and found a great view of the mountains in a cemetary.

Ate a late lunch on the deck of an old fashioned shake shoppe. Came back to the room and looked at the pictures and my poor attempt at video tapping, must remember to turn off camera when not taping. :) Dinner was BBQ. Drove out to Dollywood but it was dark and couldn't see anything but the parking lot.

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