Monday, September 18, 2006

burning off karma

Last week at work one of our CPR instructors came in and had a little story to share. See a few months ago a bunch of our local police officers were at a fundraiser walk/run and were on a break when a lightening storm hit, several of the people at the shelter house were struck by lightening. As the remaining people started caring for those injuried our instructor had to do CPR on his best friend and partner. They continued to do CPR, way past the time when it should have made a difference, long story short the guy survived. Later at the hospital the instructor was telling the doctor how he was used the new CPR standards that he just learned the week before. The doctor replied saying using those new skills probably saved his life. (got chills yet?) I'm standing there listening to this wowed at the courage and strength it took for him to perform CPR on his best friend and a little proud, you see I taught him those new skills the week before. While I in no way take any credit for what happened, it sure did make my day...............oh yeah, take a CPR class!! you never know when you'll need to use it!

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