Monday, September 19, 2005

Being Single

Being single, oh the joys. So what exactly is the worst part of being single AGAIN? Is it going grocery shopping alone? No really, that's kind of nice really, get to buy whatever you want, don't have to drag along the unwilling uninterested partner. Is it sitting home alone on Friday night, nahhhh that's kind of nice too, watch some tv, rent a movie. So what is the worst part? Well I'm kind of torn between two of them.

1. Seeing all your friends fall in love and get married, yes ALL of them, even my ex husband. (now if that's not a kicker what is?) My final single friend got engaged a few weeks ago and is getting married in November. So finally it has come I am officially the spinster of the group. (hmmm can you really be a spinster if you're divorced? not sure)

2. Sleeping alone everynight in your bed. Now while for awhile I didn't really mind sleeping alone, it was nice, get to stretch out, hog the covers, have a million pillows, but the other night when I woke up to the dog laying right next to me with his head on my pillow, I came to the conclusion that sleeping alone really sucks.

I'm still debating which is worse, but I think the sleeping alone won, here's to hoping the dog gets his own pillow tonight.


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